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  • pascal wrote review to anelisse angel at December 26, 2010 03:28

    very beautiful girl charming it is sensitive very good sexy

    She is very gentle and loving,she is beautiful,preserve this jewel

  • Tim wrote review to Nata at November 05, 2010 14:07

    If you are looking for a Russian wife then look no farther. She does not provide escort services.I live in the U.S. and the she was interested in was a place to stay.

  • olitess wrote review to Erica A-Level at June 12, 2010 21:01

    a really pretty girl

    only 7/10 because I asked her to bring toys and she didn't. (-1) I was also told she would swallow... she didn't even allow CIM (only COF) (-1) she accept anal fingering for a bit which was great and was really enthousiastic about the mating. a bit in a hurry at the end because her cab was in front of the hotel. all she accepted was really great anyway!

  • Osensuel wrote review to Angelika at May 07, 2010 05:20

    Very attractive. I really enjoyed her breasts with large tirs

    Excellent Time. I enjoyed all the time with her. She is very sensual and open. Thank you for recommanding her

  • Tom wrote review to Erica A-Level at March 28, 2010 05:33

    Erica is definitly looking better with long hairs

    Really sweet girl. Very gentle and kind, alwayq searching a way to satisfy you even if you are terriby tired from a heavy week. I would recommend Erica without any hesitation if you are looking for a great time.

  • Ludovic wrote review to Erica A-Level at February 05, 2010 14:05

    Beautyfull and sexy

    "It showed with the BBBJTC/CIM. This is something the agency should remove from the website as it's clear Erica does not like thi" I guess this guy is not a gentleman cause, even if your pay, it doesn't allow you to act like a monkey. With, she was great and nice, sweet. Maybe cause I treated her with the respect wich is due to a lady...

  • borremans wrote review to Erika at November 27, 2009 18:42

    super femmes elegante

    mon premier rdv ete au mois de janvier 2009 au studio68,et je suis direct tomber sur le charme notre seul probleme a ete notre langague car je ne parle que le francais c'est mon seule regret,mes je promet a erika q'au mois de janvier 2010 je retourne a l'ecole pour apprendre l'anglais et le russe,comme ca nous pourons nous comprendre pour la prochaine fois que tu vient a la maison,erika est le genre de fille que l'ont aimerai epousé directement,et oui je tombée amoureux il n'y a pas un jour ou je ne pense pas a elle,si j'aurais les souls je la verais venir tous les jours pour apprendre a la connaitre comme une femme.merci de tout coeur pour tous les bon moment passer en ta compagnie et a bien tot je l'esper,gros bisous

  • Bajaddi Salomon wrote review to Tina at November 24, 2009 23:07

    J'ai eu, c'est vrai, la chance de pouvoir rencontrer beaucoup de jolie fille dans ma vie.Mais pour parler de Tanya,c'est un ange,un ange fragile intelligente mais surtout elle a un amour immense qu'elle m'a offert sans compter enrichissant ma vie de bonheur,sa douceur m'a enivré et sa beauté m'a émerveillé.Merci pour ce trop court moment que je ne manquerai pas de rallonger la prochaine fois. Douceur respect et la vie se passe bien.

    I put between 8 and 10 because it was I who was a little tired, too much work. But especially for the second time is always the best of all time. I keep the highest score for the next time. Je mets entre 8 et 10 parceque c'est moi qui était un peu fatigué, trop de travail. Mais surtout car la deuxième fois est toujours la meilleurs de toutes les fois. Je garde le score le plus haut pas la prochaine fois.

  • Jean wrote review to Kristina at August 17, 2009 12:18

    After attempting the whole weekend to reach her and also through the site, and finally chatting to her by sms, I really can not comment on anything. She is such a lovely girl if only I could get to see her. We spent the whole day with messages back and forth to confirm the appointment for the time she had said suits her and we agreed... then 1 hour before the meeting, she send a message: "Sorry, I cant seem to meet today, maybe tomorrow" This after I had arranged and rescheduled my day to accommodate her time... Thereafter, whatever further communication I attempted, was simply ignored... I was only polite and truly a gentleman with her... I am disappointed, to say the least.