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Poland, Cracow
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Age: 22
Poland, Cracow
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Created at: 2015-07-17
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Poland, Cracow
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About Poland

is a beautiful country located in Europe. And just like most urban centers in
the UK such as Liverpool and Manchester one may want to hire escorts for
entertainment while visiting Poland. Your experience is more likely to be nicer
if you know an agency that runs escort services. Before hiring the escorts it
would be nice to know a few things about them and there services. These things


It is
more advantageous to hire escorts from agencies that specialize in the business.
This is because such agencies use different criteria to ensure that quality is
not compromised, with this in mind an unforgettable experience is expected with
the escorts. Despite such advantages one should always remember to be careful
whenever she/he is choosing an agency, some of them have budget varieties and
others premium, so make sure you are comfortable with the one that you choose.
The thing about agencies in Poland is that a lot of them are standardized. Most
of their replies toward questions are standard. There questions towards you are
normally intended to determine your personality which is not bad as the
information serves as a background check. They use the information given to
them to determine the right kind of escort for the person involved, which will
in turn lead to a better experience with the escort.


Poland just
like every country has a minimum age that determines whether one is an adult or
not. For one to avoid legal hassles he or she will have to ensure that S/he has
a little information regarding the agency that S/he is involved with. Remember
escort service in Poland is legal but prostitution is not. A lot of escorts
tend to get intimate with there clients, this means that hiring escorts who are
below the age of 18 should not be allowed.


It would
be wise for both parties to ask for medical details of the other. This should
be done so as to avoid health issues as a result of having sexual contact. A
few cases have been quoted in Poland whereby escorts with STDs have been hired
only to transfer the diseases to their clients. Even though it’s hard for
travelling clients to carry their medical documents always remember to take
some precautionary measures in order to avoid regrets.


of Polish legal escort agencies have their website running. Make sure you have
read at least 60% of it before you decide to hire an escort from them. Check
out their services and also their terms of service, this way you will be able
to know more about them. Do not fall prey to the beautiful pictures of escorts
posted on their website this might be a decoy or means to distract you from the
real issues.


This is just to
verify the legitimacy of an escort’s website. Reading the reviews on such will
enable you to be informed more regarding the agency involved since most of them
are often genuine and can help you if you are new in Poland.